Affirming our Agreements

Small groups like this are valuable spaces in which people may share personally of themselves and encourage and challenge one another while walking in the dharma together. Norms and agreements can be helpful in helping each of us further our work. Here are some suggestions for possible agreements: 

  1. I will do my best to be on time, as a sign of my respect for one another and the brevity of our time together.
  2. I will work not to miss a session or Buddy Group meeting, knowing the bonds of trust and potential for transformation are highest when each person brings their whole self to the discussion. 
  3. I will hold this group in loving-kindness practice throughout the month. 
  4. I will prepare for each seminar by reading the articles and preparing my response comments ahead of time. 
  5. I will honor the confidentiality of the sharing that takes place in the seminar and in the Buddy Group meetings. 
  6. I will actively listen to what other members share and will do so with respect, without interruption or judgement, seeking first to understand and find value in the different perspective and experiences of the cohort members. I will not attempt to convince or to dismiss another’s response. 
  7. I will speak from the heart and strive to describe authentically and with integrity what I really think and feel, bringing the whole of my insights, thoughts, emotions, imagination, and experience to the group.
  8. I will avoid the temptation to analyze, advise, or fix other cohort members. 

Do you affirm this set of agreement? Is there anything you would propose to add?