Street Plunges

A plunge practice of bearing witness to the life on the streets

Participants in a street retreat sitting in a circle on a sidewalk“What’s the deal here?” We plunge into life on the streets and sit within this powerful question without a need to answer it. When we beg for money, look for places to get food, a place to sleep, shelter, and public bathrooms, as well as when we meet others along the way, we let the dynamics of life on the streets help us experience the interconnectedness of life.  We wander and find our way with few belongings and no planned agenda. In this way we let go of our attachments.

“I received a powerful koan on the streets that guides me to this day. A man sat down across from me at a soup kitchen with a plate of food. He asked, ‘Are you one of us or one of them?'”  – Joshin.

More info on Preparation, Logistics and Guidelines and Raising a Mala.

Schedule of Upcoming Street Plunges

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Joshin with participants in a street retreat