Preparation for a Street Retreat

Meeting Point: 
Facilitators will communicate this prior to the retreat start.

Duration: The retreat start will be the first day by 2:00 pm and will plan to end by 12:00 noon on the last day. We will confirm this as we get closer to the date of the retreat.


Our group will be together almost all of the time, breaking into groups for short times during the day and always secured by buddies. We will gather for practice together three times a day for a mix of meditation, liturgy, and council.

Partial participation is not an option. You can only join for the entire retreat.

At the beginning of the retreat, we will conduct an orientation. You will meet your retreat cohort and facilitators. We will discuss what to expect, but the unexpected will be our root teacher on the street.


  1. Do not shower, shave or wash your hair for five days prior to the retreat. This will the beginning of your street experience prior to leaving home.
  2. Wear old clothes, as many layers as you feel appropriate for the time of year, and do not bring any change of clothes for the retreat duration, except, possibly, an extra pair of socks and change of underwear. Be prepared for weather extremes.
  3. Wear good, but not new, walking shoes. We walk a great deal.
  4. Bring one piece of photo ID only – your driver’s license or a government issued I.D. with your picture on it.
  5. Bring a poncho or large plastic garbage bag in case it rains.
  6. Please bring a one dollar bill with you on the retreat. Do not bring any additional money, illegal drugs, alcohol, weapons, or cell phones. Do not wear jewelry including earrings, bracelets, and watches.
  7. Besides the clothes you are wearing bring a bag (shopping, plastic) or small (not new) day pack for collecting food from shelters, etc.
  8. You should not bring any books or personal items such as a toothbrush. You may bring a notebook.
  9.  Necessary prescription medication of course is permitted.
  10.  Be sure to practice rooting through garbage cans and picking up pennies on the street. It keeps us humble, and, truly, the treasures are unbeatable.
  11. Bring a used water bottle if you like. They are also available in trash bins.
  12. Remember to bring a blanket or old sleeping bag that will roll up– you will carry this with you throughout the retreat.