It’s Time for Some GATHER Celebrations!

MARK YOUR CALENDAR: Sunday afternoon and Monday morning, January 14th and 15th

Gather continues to welcome guests every Wednesday through Sunday, and to function as a center for conviviality, artistic activities, sharing food together and cultivating friendships. We recognize that Gather flourishes because of the many friends who serve as Hosts.
We will be celebrating and thanking our Hosts at a Gather Host Retreat to be held on Sunday January 14 and Monday January 15.
* Current Hosts are invited to the dinner on Sunday from 3:00 to 6:30 p.m., and
* Both current Hosts and anyone interested in exploring the possibility of hosting are invited to join us for a Workshop about Gather, on Monday from 9:00 am to noon.
Both events will take place at Gather.
If you need any further information about this Celebratory Retreat, please contact Colleen, at
Please RSVP by January 10th to

MARK YOUR CALENDAR: Wednesday, February 14th

This will be Gather’s one-year anniversary and we intend to have a big Valentine’s Day Anniversary Celebration on Wednesday, February 14th.
…. More details to come.

MARK YOUR CALENDAR: Monday, February 12th

Please join us in doing a deep clean at Gather.
Winter Clean up is a way to show your support for the Gather Community to join us in ensuring that our guests have a warm and welcoming space. We will get together to join in this group project, at 9:00 am on Monday February 12th, followed by an opportunity to have lunch together, and then conclude by 1:00 pm.
The job will be easier – and more enjoyable – if we have at least 8 people.
If you can help, please let Colleen know so we can plan for lunch:

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