Message from Board Member Ric So’on Dunworth

Being a Board Member of BLMZC continues to be one of the most rewarding ways for me of giving back and helping to serve the larger Sangha. I had the privilege of joining the Board very early in the emergence of Bread Loaf Mountain Zen Community. I’ve joyfully watched the Sangha grow and evolve over these initial years.  Being a part of major decisions affecting the Sangha helps strengthen my sense of responsibility to the community. On the Board, we endeavor to take the “long view” while looking at the ways our resources can be best utilized. There is a collective wisdom that becomes characteristic of a well-functioning Board and that is certainly what I experience on our BLMZC Board. Our practice manifests in many ways in many different settings and being a Board of Director member is an example of a way of being of service to the Sangha.

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